Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vegan S'mores

S'mores and vegans don't usually mix well together.  The well-meaning, non-vegan camper will bring graham crackers with honey, marshmallows with gelatin and milk chocolate.  No longer!  Vegan S'mores are possible once again.  Just follow the links.  You know what to do after that.

Dark Chocolate (this one most vegans have figured out)

If you make vegan s'mores, send me a picture and I'll post it!


  1. Hi.
    I Live in Denmark and really want to make indoor s´mores. Unfortunally it isn´t possible to buy golden grahams here. I really like indoor s´mores and was thinking if anyone has a recipie for making them my self, or if it is possible to use another cereal.

  2. Great recipe for Graham Crackers here:

  3. Hi Dave
    Thank you.
    But i´m interested in Golden Grahams cereal.
    The crakers is for S´mores not Indoor S´mores.

  4. Oh wow. That's like rice krispie treats with a s'mores twist.