Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vegan Marshmallows Pictures

Click on any picture to enlarge.

Dry ingredients of the fluff.

Fluff mix with water before whipping.

Fluff mix with water after whipping.

Sugar syrup mix cooking on stove.

Final product just before putting it in the pan.


  1. If I don't have a stand mixer, how bad would it be trying to mix by hand? I mean, aside from my arm getting really tired, will it compromise the final product? Thanks!

  2. I wish I had good news for you. If you have Arnold Schwarzeneggar arms, you might be able to do this by hand. I tried and couldn't begin to come close. I'm afraid a stand mixer is a must. Maybe you could borrow one from a friend?

  3. It looks like the most delicious thing ever... I'll have to try! Thanks!

  4. This seems to me to be similar to making Divinity candy (which has egg whites, and therefore is NOT vegan).

    I've made it with a hand held mixer. It's hard and it will wear your arm out, but it CAN be done. You need a large mixing bowl with a rubberized or non-slip bottom and a pretty powerful hand mixer (Mine is Cuisinart, I think). And a lot of arm strength and stamina.

  5. Can you please put more pictures of cooking marshmallows? I'm kind of not getting it... Many thanks in advance. :)