Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vegan Meringue

I figured out this recipe by accident.  It's so easy, it will blow you away.  It's fluffy, firm, mildly sweet and browns under heat.

Anyone for lemon meringue pie?

5T of soy protein isolate
2t Baking Powder
3/4C of Pina Colada Mix (get the cheap stuff with no real coconut in it)
1/4t Guar gum

Whip for 10 minutes and top your pie.  That's it!

Note about Pina Colada Mix:  The mix I use is the cheapest thing I can find at Kroger.  The brand is called "On The House" in a clear plastic bottle with a yellow label.  I will post a picture soon. 


  1. What are the ingredients of this "pina colada mix"? I don't have anything like that here (I'm in Brazil. We use real coconuts and pinaples, you see)... Is just sugar and taste or is there anything else in the mix?

  2. I have to admit, the ingredients are a chemical concoction that is not found in nature. It is a sweet thick mixture that works because of all the artificial ingredients.

  3. Hi,

    On the No Egg* boxes there is a recipe for egg-free (vegan!) meringue. The recipe is also available on their website and I have tried it several times to date. It actually works, especially when following the recipe to point (although I leave out the vanilla). I'm still trying to get the meringue exactly right, so news will keep coming on my blog.

    *) No Egg is a substitute for eggs; from what I've heard it's similar to Ener-G.

    Best regards, Ditte (Copenhagen, Denmark)

    Link to my troubleshooting and experiences with the recipe:

    Link to the recipe on

  4. Can this meringue be made using different flavor mixes from the pinacolada mix makers? & can it be used in making the souffles?